Coupon Code

Do you have a coupon code? That is always nice shopping. You could easily redeem your coupon code at our website:

Step 1. Place the desired products in your shopping basket.

Step 2. In the first step in the shopping basket you can enter the code in the ‘coupon code’ box. Enter the exact code you received here. After confirmation, the discount will be deducted from your order.

Conditions coupon codes

  1. A digital discount code can only be used once.
  2. You can use one discount code per order.
  3. A discount code is not applicable to orders that are still open.
  4. A discount code cannot be exchanged for money.
  5. Discount coupons can just be redeemed online.
  6. If you decide to cancel the plan on which you used the discount code, you are not entitled to a new code.
  7. Discount codes are issued once. In the case of theft or loss, no compensation / replacement will take place.
  8. A discount code is valid for a limited time.
  9. A discount code is only valid on products that are named in the discount promotion.
  10. It is not allowed to change, double, distribute or falsify discount codes.
  11. Unauthorized actions or (attempts at) fraud are registered and punished with denial of using discount codes.
  12. Our Team reserves the right to make early adjustments to the conditions of discount codes, as well as to declare these invalid.