Paint Bathroom Tiles

Dye bathroom tiles and wonder how you can best tackle that? You can paint the floor tiles, just like the tiles on the wall. To tackle that properly, proper preparation is very important. Clean the tiles thoroughly and then neatly cover them on the slabs where you do not want to paint. Then make sure you use the right paint.

Note: paint tiles in the bathroom? Choose a paint that is scratch and impact resistant, and that is suitable for use in the bathroom. It is a lot wetter than in the rest of the house, which means that the paint has to withstand it.

The right preparation

Make the right preparations if you are going to paint the bathroom tiles. Thoroughly clean the surface, preferably with a degreaser and with a little warm water. It is wise to scrub well. You can then use sandpaper to roughen the tiles. It helps the paint to adhere better, so that you can ensure a nice, even surface.

Dry the tiles as soon as you have cleaned and sanded them. Keep the room well ventilated, but beware of drafts. Make sure the bathroom stays at room temperature, for example around 20 degrees Celsius.

Tip: have tiles broken? Replace before painting. It’s okay if a tile is not exactly the same color. You don’t see anything of that after painting.

Paint tiles in the bathroom

After the preparations you can paint the tiles in the bathroom. At least, after you’ve covered everything that you don’t want to paint. Use stucco runner on the floor and tape off parts that you do not want to paint with masking tape.

Start painting the edges for both the floor tiles and the tiles on the wall. This is best done with a brush, along the edges that you may have taped. Once you have done the edges you can ‘color in’ the surfaces with a roller. Work as much as possible from top to bottom and from left to right, so that you can tackle the faces piece by piece.